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Software List For New MacBook Pro Laptop

My partner and I just received our new MBPs and we’re pretty pumped about them — 17in, 8GB Ram, stateless HDs — very speedy. Startup is like 3 seconds, and I’m not kidding.

As we all know, getting a new computer is awesome, but it’s also a double edged sword…as my other partner Joe noted: “The worst thing about getting a new laptop is…well…getting a new laptop.” Sure the thing flies and all, but man there’s a good amount of hrs getting it ready for primetime development…think of all the little tools you’ve collected to make your laptop rock…

My partner and I have started to compile a live list of dev tools, goodies, IDEs,and whatevs we use on a regular basis and we thought we’d share — if you have others, please add to this list:

Basic Software & IDEs

Connectivity & Tools

IM & Social

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Mac Flash Builder Plugin Install Error 6 + FIX

I just received my new 17in MBP so I pulled down a new version of Eclipse’s J2EE IDE and installed Flash Builder Plugin.

NOTE: You need to use the Eclipse Galileo Packages and the Carbon Install in order for this to work since FB is not compatible with the latets Eclipse build called Helio — here’s a link to the exact version of Eclipse that I used.

After a seemingly successful installation I received the following error code when starting up Eclipse: Error 6. I googled around a bit and found this link with this important tid-bit that fixed my issue:

  • Reboot your Mac
  • Navigate to your installation folder under /Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plug-in/
  • Run from that location, to make sure all the required runtimes are installed successfully.

The restart seemed to do nothing, but running the installer did the trick. Good luck!

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Remove Mac OS / Unix .DS_Store Files

It seems that Ant won’t delete directories with .DS_Store files and you can’t get rid of them in finder (b/c it’ll just replace them when you remove them), so we needed to leverage a quick command in terminal:

sudo find . -name “.DS_Store” -depth -exec rm {} \;

The aforementioned command will recursively remove all of the .DS_Store files from a given directory; we thought someone else mind find this useful.

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FlexUnit 4 Testing Services In Flash Player Issue

We’ve created a number of FlexUnit 4 (FU4) tests for our current, large project and the suite of tests that seems to be of the most importance to both us and our client is the one that tests the services. Our client’s back-end services are simple JSPs that return XML payloads for a number of CRUD operations on various objects in the system, so we’d like to test sending good required data as well as bad required data to our delegate before hitting the service directly.

The issue we ran into was quite frustrating and it took me some time to figure it out — I actually had to explain the system of tests to my partner before it dawned on me what was going wrong. In order to actually hit the services and get data back, you need to be logged into our client’s system…except this isn’t done through a Flex login, but rather via the larger application’s HTML login in which our smaller app lives (SSO)…once you’re logged in, a cookie is sent back and forth between the client and server…such is the security design of our client’s application framework and there wasn’t any wiggle room to change this.

SWF Browser Association

Change SWF to Open With Browser

Now think about FU4 and how it actually runs the tests (when using Ant and not building and running with FlexBuilder)…it simply opens up a TestRunner.swf in the Flash Player to execute it’s tests…this means no browser wrapper for our SWF and thus no access to cookies…and ultimately no working services in my tests…grrrr.

So here’s a simple solution (on Mac)…open up Finder and locate your TestRunner.swf, right-click on it and select “Get Info”. Find the section “Open with” and change the application to your browser (I use FireFox), but don’t click the button change for all, as we just want to change this for this file and this file only. Voila! Now your TestRunner.swf will run in thr browser when your Ant buld runs and you will have access t cookies (assuming you’ve already logged into the system you need access to in the same browser session).

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New Mac Magic Mouse Quick Review

Mac Magic Mouse

Mac Magic Mouse

I had the Mac Mighty Mouse and I liked it, sans the fact that the scroll ball would get all gunked up with dust and shiz from my desk…I was forced to clean the sucker wkly at first and then daily as time went on in order to get it working and god forbid anything mess up my workflow ;-)

So I decided to try out the new Mac Magic Mouse and after 2 wks I really, really like it:

  1. No moving parts = no cleaning!
  2. No moving parts = harder to break!
  3. The pointer is laser sharp and extremely accurate…sounds kind of flakey, but I honestly noticed it almost immediately.
  4. Clearly defined Right-Click Action — I found that the Mighty Mouse was very flakey and I had to be exact with my right-clicks. It seems to work every time with the new Magic Mouse…huge for me!
  5. The new scrolling action is synonymous with scrolling on the iPhone, as it’s the same technology. Simple finger swipes anywhere on the surface of the mouse now activate scrolling — both horizontal and vertical are supported.

It also does some other cool zooming stuff with finger swiping + some keys, but I don’t use it that much.

The only thing that I found a bit odd was the setup…so I connected my new mouse with bluetooth through system prefs, but the scrolling didn’t work. The key here is to run a software update after the pairing so it picks up the new Mac OS Patch to work with your new Magic Mouse…and I believe I had to reboot as well…the only reason I call it out is b/c Mac didn’t in the directions and they seem to insinuate that it’ll just pair and work.

Overall, one of the better mouses I’ve ever used.

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Apple Rocks!!!

…and here’s why.

So my iPhone’s home key has been sticky/non-functional for the last month or so…and my MBP’s open apple key cracked in 1/2…and my Mighty Mouse scroll wheel was not really working…so I went to the Apple Store and sat with the Genius Bar Doods, aka the tech guys for Apple, and here’s how it played out <=5 mins after starting my convo with the Genius Bar:

  1. Here’s a new iPhone sir…no questions asked…seriously, that’s what they did…that’s $300 bucks.
  2. Here’s a new key for your keyboard sir…lemme just…snap…ok, good as new.
  3. Here’s your Mighty Mouse all fixed…it feels as good as new.

All done inside of 1/2 hr at the Apple Store…I haven’t had that kind of service in years…Genius Bar Guy Jared and Personal Shopper Sarah, you guys are awesome! And three different Apple Employees said my “Boston Flex Camp” shirt rocked…come on…really, where the hell am I???

Oh, and b/c iTunes backs up every part of your iPhone, my new one now has everything my old one did in < 5 mins of being home…from the the layout of my apps to the 5 different alarm clocks to all the text message convos…all restored…so impressed!

I am proud to be an Apple g33k. ;-)

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Unnanounced Proxy Changes on MacBook Pro…Frustating

So you plug your MacBook Pro into a new Ethernet port and all of the sudden your HTTP stops working with various applications — I often notice this first with either iTunes trying to access the iTunes Store or when trying to perform a Mac software update, but it could be any app that leverages HTTP connections…this of course recently happened to me when I was updating my iPhone to the 3.0 s/w, so you can imagine my frustration as I wasn’t sure what the cause was at first.

Huh? What gives, I was just accessing the iTunes Store with my wireless???

Well, I’ve noticed several times now that when you plug into a new Ethernet, sometimes (I have no idea when or why this happens) the Web Proxy (HTTP) and Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) checkboxes are checked or marked as true…the sad thing is that there’s no warning for this settings change, you’ll just notice it when something bombs and says something like:

“There was a problem communicating with the web proxy server (HTTP).”

If you encounter this error, check your network settings in:

System Prefs -> Network -> Ethernet -> Advanced -> Proxies

Make sure both of these are unchecked:

  • Web Proxy (HTTP)
  • Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS)
MacBook Pro Network Proxy Settings

MacBook Pro Network Proxy Settings :: Make sure Web Proxy (HTTP) & Secure Web Proxy (HTTPS) are UNCHECKED.

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Mac + Mouse Wheel in Flex

The fact that I use a Mac and I couldn’t use my mouse wheel to vertically scroll on our own Flex-based corp web-site drove me nuts during development, so I spent a good amount of time researching the issue and found 4 major players with different solutions — these have been listed on a number of other sites, so I’ll just share the one I ended up rolling with and why…

It’s simple really. The other 3 were all more complex be it with additional, accompanying JavaScript files to deploy or integration issues  with commonplace embedding scripts like SWFObject, etc…however, Matt Giger’s “Simple solution for MOUSE_WHEEL events on Mac” is really just that. It’s just one, simple AS class — MacMouseWheelHandler — that’s it. Drop this bad boy in your app and you’re ready to start wielding that Mac Mouse Wheel of yours!

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Setting PATH with spaces in it

So the typical unix approach for dealing with spaces in a path is to double quote the path:

EG: /dir1/dir2/”dir with spaces in it”/dir3

The second approach is to use the escape character ‘\’

EG: /dir1/dir2/dir\ with\ spaces\ in\ it/dir3

But, on a mac you need to use both approaches for the PATH to be set correctly.

EG: /dir1/dir2/”dir\ with\ spaces\ in\ it”/dir3

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