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Software List For New MacBook Pro Laptop

My partner and I just received our new MBPs and we’re pretty pumped about them — 17in, 8GB Ram, stateless HDs — very speedy. Startup is like 3 seconds, and I’m not kidding.

As we all know, getting a new computer is awesome, but it’s also a double edged sword…as my other partner Joe noted: “The worst thing about getting a new laptop is…well…getting a new laptop.” Sure the thing flies and all, but man there’s a good amount of hrs getting it ready for primetime development…think of all the little tools you’ve collected to make your laptop rock…

My partner and I have started to compile a live list of dev tools, goodies, IDEs,and whatevs we use on a regular basis and we thought we’d share — if you have others, please add to this list:

Basic Software & IDEs

Connectivity & Tools

IM & Social

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