WASi fills in the holes of your development process. If you need end to end development, we can help. If your process is set and you only need a few consultations, we can streamline and hone your work here as well. We have extensive expertise with front-end, middle tier and back-end across web, desktop, mobile and IoT platforms.


Continuous delivery through development to operations means a more efficient production and versioning schedule for high velocity delivery and product improvements -we'll help get you there.

Front to Back Techs

Full stack development capabilities for all major operating systems and platforms ensure the compatibility of your projects with your preferred deployment - web, mobile, desktop, or omnichannel.

Flexible Delivery Model

Able to engage from any geographical location or at any phase of the software development life cycle - creating a better ROI for clients. We scale up or down to meet your needs.

Enterprise Grade

Service to the scale of your business ensures cost effective, maintainable, integrated business solutions for client and backend systems regardless of the size of your business or the volume of the audience you serve.


The Internet of Things is set for mainstream acceptance. A higher percentage of products and systems that are based on the connectivity of the IoT are entering the marketplace every business cycle. If you are looking to move into this market well ahead of the curve, WASi is the partner you need. 

Consulting Service

Decades of operations technical expertise improve your customer outreach from both the technical and marketing perspective while allowing your in house staff to maintain their focus for higher all around efficiency.