Our portfolio is our biggest sales tool and our biggest priority. Some of the best companies in the world have given us a chance, and we have delivered. We are proud to showcase some of our best work for our most prominent clients. Rest assured we give the same VIP treatment to every business that trusts us.


video playback interface

HBO Go needed a sure thing to bring Game of Thrones to its fans in the mobile space. This was one of our most high pressure jobs, as HBO had recently created a bona fide cult audience out of its Go subscription service with some of the most riveting new programming on television. There was no room for error here: People wanted to watch their shows, and they would accept no excuses. With good reason - after all, they were paying a premium.

WASi bolstered the HBO Go brand with a comprehensive and fully responsive omnichannel solution that brought everyone's favorite shows to them in pristine quality regardless of device. The shows looked great. We maxed out the capabilities of the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy alike to bring HBO Go subscribers  a convenient and intuitive feed and UI that satisfied the users' need for HD premium content and instant accessibility.

Sirius XM

Audio player experience

Music doesn't really sell itself anymore - it needs a full experience behind it. No one knows this better than the satellite giant Sirius XM. The good people at Sirius were looking for a way to bring their feeds and exclusives into a fully responsive space without compromising the premium experience. 

WASi worked with Sirius to move its most robust platform into the slightly more confined hardware spaces of smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices without reducing the quality of the overall experience. Most importantly, WASi was able to apply a discerning eye alongside technical expertise to direct limited resources into the features that were most applicable to the audience (i.e., maximizing the quality of the music without reducing UI speed or quality).

Great West Financial Empower

retirement planning INTERFACE

Great West was looking for a platform upon which to centralize the deployment and monitoring of its proprietary retirement plans for individuals and employers.

The WASi team put together an interface that allowed financial experts and clients to collaborate using a platform that was simultaneously full featured and accessible. The Empowerment app allowed clients and plan managers to make instant changes to a portfolio based upon real time information.


Fantasy football draft tool

NFL fans are almost as rabid as HBO Go fans; however, there are even more millions of customer complaints to deal with if you mess up someone's draft. The NFL needed a dynamic and highly visual and interactive set of applications to help the NFL Fantasy Football league subscribers draft players, set up and manage their teams, and view live stats and video highlights from their fantasy games.

WASi incorporated a full featured set of modules that allowed armchair coaches to create teams and view statistics in a dynamic way, giving those using our tools an edge in the virtual marketplace. Real time functionality included updated stats, injuries and performance reports.


live web analytics monitoring

GoMez needed a scalable tool for the C-level set to monitor network KPIs and marketing campaigns over huge datasets.

WASi responded with a configurable dashboard of key indicators with advanced charting and drill down capabilities. All indicators were represented as movable pods within an extensible framework.


multi-application dashboard

Syniverse needed a way to put a dynamic visual face to its network utilization, billing, and business metrics.

WASi created an application for Syniverse that allowed it to organize over 100 legacy applications into a unique UI through a portal that is completely customizable by the client.


Telematics Fleet Monitoring

A next generation Fleet Monitoring dashboard with advanced real-time data visualization capabilities.

WASi created a rich, intuitive visually compelling global monitoring system for operators of climate controlled vehicles using Google Maps location-aware APIs.


smart routing

Provide Intuit QuickBase users with the ability to organize and map their QuickBooks customers, optimize driving routes, and navigate more efficiently.

WASi integrated a Yahoo! Maps APIs enabled Mashup that improves productivity and lowers the cost of drivers using TomTom GPS unit.


interactive media reporting

CBS was looking to serve its advertisers with a full featured advertising monitor.

WASi supplied the network with an application that allowed CBS advertising partners to build their own reports by creating an easy and intuitive process. This process allowed each advertiser to define its own key performance metrics and customize its user interface according to its needs.

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