• Built using Apache Flex & Sencha ExtJS
  • Multi-Platform, Multi-Device Application
    • Desktop
    • Browsers
    • Android™
    • Blackberry®
    • iOS
  • Dynamic, Flexible User Interface
    • Multiple Layout Managers allow enterprises or users to determine layout of applications
    • Template Builder allows users to create their own unique, custom template-based layouts
  • Enterprise Ready
    • WASI Dashboard Server provides a robust set of administrative and security services for enterprises that require advanced IT management.
  • Custom Software & Services-based Solutions
    • WASI Dashboard Server
    • Implementation Services
    • Integration Services
    • Application Development Services
    • Training
  • Contact us at: dashboard@webappsolution.com



  • Overview of WASI Dashboard
  • Overview of WASI Mobile Dashboard
  • Pod Layout Manager
  • Template-based Layout Manager
  • MDI Windows Layout Manager
  • Mobile Layout Manager
  • Template Builder

Multi-Platform Dashboard

The WASI Dashboard provides a unique, powerful and intuitive way to organize, view and interact with multiple Rick-Internet Business Applications.


Business applications that can range from a collection of at-a-glance data visualizations of key performance indicators (KPIs) as part of an Executive Information System (EIS). To a complex suite of inter-related company or industry-specific sales, marketing, human resources or production applications.