Who We Are & What We Do


The WASi team is a vetted and experienced group of application architects, Web designers and next generation software development engineers with the training and experience to participate in any aspect of the project life cycle. Our client list includes Fortune 500 giants and plucky competitors in the SMB market - companies that are looking to innovate on the cutting edge and move their markets.

WASi is the bridge between software idea and development execution

Our three founders, Tim, Joe and Brian, come with decades of experience from Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of completed projects for start ups and SMBs. We have helped companies crystallize ideas from the drawing board and executed projects remotely using the most efficient specialists, all while keeping our clients' accountants happy by staying on time and under budget.

Who are we? We are a (purposefully) homegrown app development company with the precision experience for enterprise level business.

Our Philosophy

Building apps are not unlike building a house. You need the creatives to visualize your innovations, management to set forth the plan and craftspeople to execute the plan. This is a philosophy that has worked for the NFL, HBO Go, CBS, IBM, Sirius XM and many others, and we believe that it will work for you.


Our Approach

When it comes to vision, we learn from our clients as much as they learn from us. We love the fruitful discussions that come from the marriage of passion and technical experience. Our reputation comes from doing our part to ensure that our partnership creates the cutting edge technologies that will move your market.